When I was in my teens and twenties I used to write music. Aside from forming a group - with my now wife and brother, I ended up writing many tracks that were used in games and demos that I helped produce with a friend Nick Button. We programmed for the Amiga and very nearly ended up producing a commercial game.

Whilst doing the games stuff, I also ran a BBS (Bulletin Board) called Stargate I ran it for about 3-4 years, and it ended up as something pretty good (IMO). Initially starting on a free and simple application called MaxsBBS I then moved soon onto a program called Recoon. This new bbs software, was quite amazing, totally customizable, so I could produce a BBS that felt nothing like others - even those running the same software. The only (initially) awkward thing was learning the programming language to program the BBS, something akin to C or C++ - and for all those that know me - I HATE PROGRAMMING!


I eventually decided to close the BBS - it was a VERY tuff decision, but timed with a move to a new house, I thought it was time to move on - after all the Internet was growing pretty much into he beast we know today!. I left behind behind 700+ members, of which approximately 30 paid me for special access, and far too many new friends to recall. I was getting about 60+ calls a week with some even from other European Counties. The closure, although sad, did leave quite a vacant gap in my time. I had asked my regular users for feedback on the plan to close, and on the whole they understood and thanked me for the effort. I did consider moving the bbs to a website, but back in 1996 the cost was quite prohibitive for web space.

How Stargate looked for the sysop angle. The BBS started on an Amiga A600, then moved to an A1200. The last year or more it ran on the same A1200 but was stripped down to fit into a tower case, compete with CD drive and having nearly 1 gig of files on disk. The system was on 24 hours a day and in latter years ran on a 33.3k modem.

One particular feat of advertising I achieved was to produce some photo-montages of famous woman's bodies onto nude/seminude bodies. Each one carefully produced, featuring a girl I felt would really make people talk, and detailing the BBS name and number. It worked like you would never imagine.


Cynet was formed by Nick and I since we both worked together in graphics, and spent most of of time either talking graphics, games and software. Eventually Nicks talent for writing code and and lots of talking led to a name and onto some titled releases. Initially released via the BBS, we then approached magazines and distributors.


It still came as a shock when we got our first review (despite it not being brilliant). The next review however (Jinx) was fantastic

and spurned us onto going down a route to a commercial release, however work commitments interfered too much and the plan went on indefinate hold.

For more info on Cynet, the games, demos, background info and downloads, visit the site:



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