I took up Lau Gar Kung Fu in August 2001. This was possibly one the the best things I have done for a long time. The art has given me a great opportunity to get fit and gain some of that supalty I have lost. I have wanted to do a martial art for many many years, but finding somthing other than karate or Judo is somthing of a tuff one!

I am currently a Blue Sash (the 2nd level up). I really enjoy Kung Fu - aside from giving you the ability to defend youself, it gives you considerable self confidence, and aspects such as Chi Gung (spelling?) I find most interesting. Chi GUng is more of an internal art, akin perhaps to Tai Chi is parts, a great way to relax and understand your body!

..:://The Definition

Lau Gar Kung Fu is expressed as an External, Short, Hard, Southern Style of Martial Arts meaning:

Training the fighting techniques, conditioning the body, training the more obvious forms of strength.

A blow which is seen to be powerful by an observer and results in bruises and broken bones, plus internal damage if the boxer is good enough, a forceful block to deal with a forceful attack.

Movements are tight, blows move short distances, a style is classified depending on the major appearance in the sets.

Refers to styles originating in South China, but also means styles that are thought to emphasise hand movements from stable low stances.

..:://The Origin

Lau Gar Kung Fu is derived from the form of boxing practised at Kuei Ling Temple, situated on Bac Pye Saan, in Kong Sai Province, in West China.

For a more detials insite onto the origins of Lau Gar click on e of the links at the bottom of tha page, to go to the official web sites.

..:://The Five Shaolin Animals

For many years the animal styles of Kung Fu have been shrouded in mystery. When looking to the Five Shaolin animals with regard to Lau Gar Kung Fu they represent the following:

The Power, aggression, and
of the technique.

The Spirit, the mental  application 
of the technique

The Chi - the breathing
and inner strength

The Physical training of the body,
body conditioning.

The Grace, flexibility
and Manoeuvrability.



Stuart Agars Site (My Sifu)

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